FZ-07 M4 Slip-on (Question)


I would like to bring my bike alive with a better exhaust sound but i dont want it to be too loud because the police give tickets for everything here… so i would obviously keep the baffle on, i was thinking about getting the m4 slip-on but i heard they were loud as fuck.. what would you recommend? Thanks

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  1. yoshi is quiet but ugly, two bros sells a quiet insert which makes it quieter, termignoni is a unique choice with a softer grunt, and SC project has a nicer tone and cheap, but louder than the others

  2. Akrapovik Titanium. The best. They teamed with Yamaha to design it for the FZ07 and it does not require an ECU remap. The baffle in will be perfect and you can remove it later if you ever move for even more sound. Do some YouTubing and research. You’ll like it. Hit up David Vcyclenut Verdecchia when you’re ready to buy.

  3. I bought a second hand mt07 wich had the arrow exhaust on, but the shorty version with baffle. Was too loud for me so i mounted the extension on wich makes the muffler come out at the back. Much better, still noisy but acceptable

  4. J,ai installer un yoshi carbon ..sans remapper …un peu moin de tork a bas regime plus en haut de 5mtm….pour ce qui est du son … je l’adore y sonne comme un vrai becyk .

  5. Yoshi Carbon gives a good growl but isn’t obnoxious.

  6. That was on the curb in a parking spot. Heavily treed area and short road. No mods to bike or muffler.

  7. I have the m4 and I like it with the baffle in. I have tried baffle out and it’s to loud for my liking. Baffle in sounds cleaner and it’s a \

  8. I have the yoshi with baffle in…Salvadors comment above is wrong..it is loud but not scary loud…..nice deep grumble..all aftermarket exhausts will be loud..

  9. Or you can add a K&N air filter and drill holes in the muffler like I did. It helps a ton and doesn’t hurt the motor. In fact it has increased the mpg and runs cooler.

  10. Do the stock exhaust mod. You can find videos on youtube.

  11. Got a video im finishing up. I put a 2 inch exhaust on the stock muffler. Sounds a lot better but is still quiet enough. Here’s where I put the 2 inch piece in. The holes are there because I did the drill mod and wasn’t happy enough with the sound hence welding on the 2 inch.

  12. m4 for sure

  13. The m4 slip-on does sound nice

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