FZ-07 Insurance Recommendation


Question what insurance do you all have? Im 29 and its High and nothing is on my record what ins. Company do you recommend?

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  1. Just search insurance. The search bar is your friend. This has been answered at least Twice in the last mont. \n\nThat being said \n29yrs, liberty mutual, new mexico, $41/month

  2. I have a loan and mine is 65 a month

  3. Echelon insurance, in Canada $469/year full coverage but I’ve had my own insurance and bike license since I was 15 and I’m almost 30

  4. I pay $22 a month. State Farm in South Dakota. Full coverage

  5. 28 yrs old. Dairyland full coverage. $52 a month. Florida

  6. Im gonna check these all out hopefully find something

  7. 29, married, home owner, one not at fault accident, AMA membership, msf, and 10 years riding: $56/mo with $250 deductibles\n\nEdit: that’s with dairyland

  8. 240 per year for full coverage with AAA. Trick with most insurances is to bundle with car and other types if you can.

  9. Dairyland Auto way to go

  10. Check foremost, fz was like $40 my R6 is like $65 a month

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