FZ-07 Hordpower Airbox Issue


Question, aside from stock airbox removal, anyone have any issues at all with the Hordpower Airbox? I’ve only heard positives about it, just wondering if anyone has anything negative about them. Also, any tips on removing stock airbox? Thanks

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  1. I have had zero issues with it and can’t recommend it enough. Not only does it help with power it looks way better than the stock box.

  2. I love mine. One thing people never mention is how fast it goes through filter oil.

  3. How fast it goes through filter oil ?

  4. I had one cover bolt come loose, so I safety wire them, but that was probably me. Love these things.

  5. Had a couple lids come loose on an early batch but I think we have that solved. The root issue there is the K&N filters vary in height a bit, so you want to make sure the lid bottoms on the center post and clamps the filter \

  6. As far as removing the stock airbox it isn’t too bad. In general- Take off the tank covers. Loosen the stock airbox and pull it back as far as you can. Pop the throttle bodies off the engine, tilting them “up” as much as you can. Remove the throttle body manifolds that are attached to the engine. Now you have enough room to unhook everything from the TB’s and slide them out the left side. Then the airbox will come out, you have to kinda twist it at the same time you are pulling it out the left side. Then reinstall the TB’s, pop in the new airbox. I kept track last one I did, about an hour job.

  7. And finally, I do have ECU flashes available for the airbox and several flavors of full exhaust. ­čÖé

  8. Why you changing.Might sound better with the airflow noise but it’s proven on dyno it makes no difference unless you have it mapped etc.

  9. This air box Hord makes is more than a K&N filter, check out his page, a lot of work went into making it worth it.

  10. Thanks everyone for your help and input. Appreciate it

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