FZ-07 Flashing ECM


What’s the most noticeable thing when you flash the ecm?

Mike Inosay: Like everyone has mentioned, throttle smoothness. Flashing takes the “gaps” out on the stock map and evens out the power through the rpms. Improves fuel use, improves engine breaking, lowers or eliminates back firing or popping with aftermarket exhausts. Along with mode selection there’s many other settings that can be done and changed to your liking. I do custom flashing/mapping and dyno tuning for all bikes including the fz, let me know if you have any further questions I’ll gladly reply.

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  1. Throttle smoothness.

  2. yeap, What Jim said

  3. It points and laughs at the size

  4. Fuel and air is right! I was too lean before the flash and yes helped the throttle for sure!

  5. My low end became a lot smoother at low rpm’s.

  6. The bike starts in the correct mode. Unless you’re a wuss and like STD or B mode !

  7. most noticeable…frequency in changing your shorts after the first, second, third, ride, lol

  8. I noticed how the stock suspension lacked even more after I flashed the ecu.

  9. Mine pulled the front wheel off the ground in 3rd gear…never did that before the flash. Also smoothness of course, particular rolling off throttle in turns in A mode.

  10. Smooth steam train like unrelenting torque

  11. In all honesty for. Speed limiter… maybe if I am hard on the juice I don’t notice the jerkiness as much? I do NO heavy traffic riding.. 5 blocks im outta town and open roads.

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