FZ-07 flash AND tune? Or one or the other?


Another question:
Do you flash AND tune? Or one or the other?
I already have a PCV on it, but it could be much better.

Just don’t know what the next step in making it perform better/smoother.

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    A flash is unleashing
    A tune is smoothing what you have and possibly gaining a little more.
    You do both if possible


    Get all your mods and go tune. I did a flash and tune on my gsxr. No regrets. My fuel was way off with just the flash.


    If you flash and it’s done properly than you don’t really need your pcv like others say you will need to tune it as well using a dyno you can get close without one but with one you’ll notice the difference. I get a lot of people sending me their ecus for flashing (similar to vcycle) I have custom maps for many different bikes which I’ve built using my own dyno. I flashed Steven’s and if his lazy ass ever rides out to visit me I’ll toss it on the dyno and make it even better.


    2wheeldynoworks . Send in your ECU

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