FZ-07 Exhaust Suggestions


The time has come. Buying exhaust system on Thursday. Any suggestions? Leaning towards two brothers or yoshimura unless someone suggests better. I don’t want to cut original so full systems only!

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  1. Yoshi seems to be a big hit on the forums, have not seen much on 2 Bros

  2. Yoshi stats are good. Anyone heard a couple different ones. What sounds best

  3. I’m stuck on the Yoshi haven’t really heard anything better.

  4. Ordered the Graves

  5. my 2bros with ejk just arrived…not sure when I will get it installed now that it is cooooold and snowy here :/

  6. I am in between Yoshimura and SC Project… the former is better sound, the latter is better design

  7. Think I buying the yoshi today. Revzilla is $630 for carbon.

  8. I have the yoshimura . Deep loud rumble..beautiful. but it is loud so be prepared to be heard

  9. FZ-07 MT-07 Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust System Sound C…: http://youtu.be/quTMCIAQW2Y

  10. My yoshi is on its way.

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