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Ok peeps.. Here’s my dilemma.. Want to get rid of that monstrosity of an exhaust off my bike!! I am financing the bike and have a 5 yr warranty. I asked the service guy if i change the exhaust, to lets say a slip on, would that void anything on the warranty? He said just the exhaust. Cool, I can deal with that. But if I start messing with the brains of the thing I’m afraid that it would void more things warranty wise?! Would love to do the full exhaust, would settle for just the m4 slip on but my question is?.. Is it essential to have the bike flashed with a slip on compare to a full exhaust?! Or is it the same with both?! Thanks.

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  1. When my buddy did his akrapovic full exhaust he didn’t flash anything. I’m also not getting he ecu flashed when I do my exhaust on Wednesday

  2. Thanks.. Are you going with the same exhaust? I love the look of the Toce But want to put what’s best for the bike.

  3. You have to do some sort or ECU management if you go full exhaust. Whether it be Power Commander or ECU flash. The computer won’t be able to compensate for the improved exhaust flow.

  4. With a slip on you usually dont have to do anything.

  5. I hear only for the low end gears?

  6. Lose torque but gain hp?

  7. The Akra full exhaust systems are specifically designed to not need flashing of the ECU, from what I’ve heard other systems have not been engineered this way

  8. Has nothing to do with hp or tq, it’s fuel air ratio.

  9. Sooo if I buy a 400$ slip on compare to spending 1000$ for a full exhaust there’s no difference in performance just looks and sounds?! Lol

  10. Kind of.. lol

  11. Hahahaha gotcha.. Thanks buddy.

  12. I mean there’s not a whole lot of performance to get out of these bikes anyway. You might think it’s all worth it just for that awesome twin sound. But you get a full exhaust and tune you will definitely feel a difference. A slip on, you may or may not. Most likely not.

  13. Cool.. Not a fan of the overall look of the Akra but whatever works best with the bike.

  14. Get a full system, with a ejk fuel controller. If anything goes wrong. Just take the ejk off when taking into the dealer if they wanna play the voided warranty game

  15. Akropovic and black widow will run normal.These bikes are made lean anyway from stock.In Spain yamaha install Akropovic as standard,if you flash or ecu the warranty is faulty.Yes a flash will give the bike more hp etc but don’t worry,it won’t harm the bike.


  17. Is that the coated one??

  18. It’s high temp powder coat!

  19. How’s it run?

  20. Haven’t installed it yet but a guy just posted a video of his!

  21. Sounds of awesomeness!! Lol I’ve watched a couple of videos on Toce and it seems pretty good!

  22. They make top notch exhausts! No question!

  23. Keep me posted, let me know how you make out! good luck!!

  24. I will for sure!

  25. Contact David Vcyclenut Verdecchia he can give you a great deal on an akropovic exhaust and an ecu flash. If you need warranty work done just reflash back to shock. I also have extended warranty and so far this bike is rock solid and I haven’t taken it back to the dealership ever, I do all my own service work.

  26. Fukin decision decision decision!!! Hahaha Thanks!

  27. Toce is the only one that offers their exhaust in black!

  28. & it looks more bad ass then any other exhaust! Lol

  29. It does look fukin sweet!! Lol

  30. I appreciate all the feedback fellas..

  31. I don’t think my stock one is a “monstrosity” It’s well engineered, delivers good power and is reasonably muffled, which is the purpose of a good non race system. If you guys want to make your bikes much louder for a few hp that 95% of you will never use be my guest. But I can tell you that my stock exhaust gives me all the power I need, and after 20K has matured into a nice tone sound-wise and is a bit louder, but still doesn’t annoy me or my neighbors at 4a.m. or on a nice quiet ride in the country. I’m glad I kept it stock and let it break in. I’ll never need to touch it or adjust anything. I think it’s hilarious when other bikes sound like Jets taking off, or really loud weedeaters as I pass them quietly and swiftly on the freeway. To me THAT is performance. To each their own and I’m glad there are so many options for us. But you don’t NEED to change the pipes out on this ride. You’re not going to gain much usable power, your mpg will likely go down proportionately to your bank balance, and there is something to be said about a nice peaceful ride without constant decible attack, especially for trippers and commuters. And don’t tell me loud pipes save lives. Only your riding skill and caution can do that.

  32. I can dig it!! But when I park that bike and you can see this ugly lookin, tin can, weld spots and just the color when those pipes get hot just takes away from the bikes overall look.. But like you say to each there own! Lol

  33. Had a guy on what they call a gxr(just getting to know the lingo fellas) Hahaha come up to me!! Nice bike!! 😆😆😆 should I have raced him?? or will I get smoked?!!

  34. Bruh I have an akrapovic carbon on and it doesn’t void your warranty. What voids your warranty is auto zone special exhausts lol

  35. I put on the Yoshimura R-66 full exhaust system and when I took it in for another thing later on ask them about the warranty and they said the same thing that even with the full exhaust only be exhaust would be voided on the warranty. And they said it looks and sounds great and I didn’t even run it through a computer after

  36. Every manufacturer claims that the exhaust is fine with no tuning or pcv or ecu flash but from what I’ve been told almost all exhaust can benefit from having your bike properly tuned or flashed to allow the proper fueling for the new exhaust. I ran my yoshi with no ecu flash and then flashed it and the bike runs a lot better with the ecu flashed for the exhaust.

  37. Just do a pcv or ejk and remove it if you have to take bike in for service. Dunno about pcv but the ejk is a pain in the ass to install or remove as it requires taking the body panels off and lifting the gas tank

  38. Well from all this info that everyone has given (much appreciated btw) I think I’m going to kill 3 problems with one shot! M4, fender eliminator and lights.. That seems to put me right around the extra cash that I have left. just really want to get rid of that tin can under my bike!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Lol

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