FZ-07 Ethanol free 89 or premium 93 with ethanol


Ethanol free 89 or premium 93 with ethanol

Which would you choose at the pump and why.

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Michael Garner for our newer cars/bikes with fuel lines made to withstand ethanol the ethanol is the better choice. the reason it is 93 is bc of the ethanol… 10% ethanol and the remainder 90% is actually 87 or even as low as 85. ECU controlled engines will thank you for the ethanol and your ass dyno will feel a tad more pleased. e85 (100-105 octane) is the way to go if you are tuned for it and the fuel system materials can handle it

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  1. Ethanol free 89

  2. I run ethanol free 90 in mine.

  3. Ethanol free is best

  4. If you can get ethanol free… go with that.

  5. Yea that’s my answer. Ethanol free over everything. \nWhere I used to have has a very good gas selection but now highest I can find ethanol free near me is 89.

  6. ethanol free if possible but 87 like the book specifies in the USA

  7. Nah you all wrong, lead based gas is the best gas period.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with the ethanol gas if you are running it out within a month or so. The ethanol free gas would be best for storing the bike though.

  9. Modern engines are tuned to handle ethanol. You’re actually hurting performance by going ethanol free. Stick with regular 89.

  10. I go regular. No need to go premium unless the company explicitly says to use it. Also it’s cheaper. lol

  11. 100LL aviation fuel

  12. I’ve always run 91 (ethanol free) through mine. Just a habit.

  13. 89 – it’s recommended by the mfg.

  14. Wait it doesnt run on diesel?

  15. 93 with eth because I’m too lazy to search for stations with non eth 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. First 500 miles you’re supposed to run Frost Gatorade

  17. Since I got a tune I’ve been using 93.

  18. I empty and run a full tank of Lucas fuel cleaner once a year.

  19. In the FZ I ran 93 with ethanol post ECU flash. Current bike I run ethanol free 90 (required by manufacturer) or 93 with ethanol if I’m in a pinch. My tank apparently leeches ethanol fumes through the liner and will bubble/warp the shell

  20. 87 regular with or without ethanol \n\nThere is no benefit from higher grade fuels unless reprogrammed ECU

  21. Ethanol Free.\n\nEthanol reduces power/mileage.\nIt does not have the same power potential as real Gas. And ir evaporates faster.

  22. Our bikes run fine on 89. Also I’d always get ethanol free

  23. Only Ethenol free for my FZ

  24. I run both my bikes on 89(FZ07 and XVS1300). They seem to run better on it. It’s just regular 89 though, not ethanol free. Don’t run the 91 or 93 unless you had a tune done to your ECU from what I’ve heard.

  25. Book says 87, I use 87

  26. Mainly 87, sometimes an ethanol free tank for shits and giggles.

  27. Solid discussion. I think I’ll go with frost Gatorade as the winner 😂

  28. Ethanol free everytime!

  29. 93 eth

  30. Eyhanol doesn’t damage our motors

  31. Kerosene, ethinol, grad A jet fuel, gasoline, petrol, all same thing.

  32. 87 unless ecu flashed

  33. Also don’t turn this into a this gas is better then this gas etc etc haha don’t need 150 replies stating every thing under the sun

  34. Well we all know BP is the best gas so yeah….

  35. I have a headache.

  36. The manual says ethanol-free is possible. Modern cars are designed to run on ethanol, but any small engine still should not have ethanol.

  37. Ethanol free anytime, but my 09 is only rated for 91 and up so if I had to run ethanol I would, but there’s always Stewart’s shops around me with non ethanol 91 so

  38. 93 no matter what, ethanol is really only bad when it sits in the gas tank. But we have oncues with 93 ethanol free all over the place here

  39. Either 98 or 95 octane is what I use

  40. We only have 91 in California (aka “swill”) but I will only run it. The ethanol percentage doesn’t change the octane rating and the octane rating is what matters most. In my turbo car it’s 91+ or risk being visited by the kool-aid man. As for bikes, pretty much all of them request it in the manual.

  41. Your engine was made to run 87.\nRun 87.\nIt was made to run common ethanol blended fuels of no more than 10% ethanol.\nSo again, run 87.\nI’ve been racing and riding street bikes for a long time and I’ve seen the results of many different fuels. It is foolish to think that higher octane fuel means it’s better. You will actually get less performance from your engine unless it’s tuned for what you’re running. And again, damn near every factory street bike is tuned for 87-90 pump gas.

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