FZ-07 clutch VERY grabby


Clutch question for you guys. Brand new bike, always bought used so I may have just answered my own question. The clutch on my bikes VERY grabby, there isn’t much of a friction zone. Its pretty much off or on… Anyone else have this problem? I’ve ridden many other bikes and the clutch is smooth and progressive with lever release. Maybe it’s because it’s brand new but I’m not sure just looking for another opinion.

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  1. Bought a 16 brand new. Pretty much just how it is. Try a slower release unless you’re going full squid.\n\nAlso get some chain wax for it, it’ll quiet down the chain noise.

  2. Just the way the clutch is on these bikes, it’s very on/off because the grab point is so high. You could try adjusting it at the clutch on the right side, just don’t adjust it too far or the bike will jump forward and cut off while the clutch lever is pulled in… I know, I’ve done it lol

  3. Brand new 16 no.issies with clutch slips fine

  4. Got a brand new 15 it the same way.

  5. Normal, i prefer it that way tbh. 17 model year

  6. It’s because it’s not a slipper clutch

  7. Kinda figured that it’s just the way it is. Takes some getting used to for sure.

  8. Mines basically on and off on my 16 with minimal friction zone

  9. It’s there, you just have to get used to it. I feather my clutch all the time in traffic.

  10. Keep in mind, this is a lite bike, do you feel that more

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