FZ-07 Best adjustable rearsets?


Dragging hard parts and toes on the track. Best adjustable rearsets?

Ready for better suspension too. Best front drop-in’s and rear shock for track?


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  1. Driven Racing!

  2. I think hordpower has rear sets now as well as a few other fz-07 specific stuff

  3. I had Chinese on mine. They worked well for $100 I’ve heard the driven are useless as far as much change from oem. Woodcraft are great. However they are $$$$ \n\nSuspension. I’m intending on doing the ohlins rear and andreani cartridge kit.

  4. If your scraping parts it’s more of a suspension problem. Maybe get thicker oil, stiffer springs, and fork preload adjusters in the front, and a shock upgrade in the rear

  5. Maybe body position.

  6. I only ever drag the kick stand but that is a suspension issue and Chinese rear sets work great for me

  7. I’ve had no issues with the Chinese ones in the year I’ve ran them, but I’m sure the more expensive ones would probably hold up to a crash better.

  8. call paul at bellissimoto. He’ll hook you up with some nice rearsets for a great deal. i got my gilles factor x rearsets from him. They have group buys on fz07.org once in awhile

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