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This may be an odd question but has anyone modified the air box on their fz… since I know there’s lots of people who like to tinker I figured I would ask… Typically I go with the idea of “engineers spend thousands of dollars to design an efficient *insert part here*”. But I picked up a BMC filter to go along with the exhaust and tune I have and was wondering if anyone modified the inlet “snorkel” or box in anyway…

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  1. There’s a couple threads on the forum I think. You just reminded me that I forgot to do mine lol

  2. Go to vcyclenut’s website…he recommends trimming the airbox and shortening the snorkel (he has pics and instructions).

  3. The snorkel has several functions (intake noise control, air flowrate, directing predictable air flow direction and stream into the airbox so the injectors have consistent air flow to work with, etc.) and therefore is a compromise. If you eliminate noise limitation by trimming it, you can probably get some gains in airflow but if done wrong, you might screw up the airflow and then the injectors don’t work as well and can result in poor powerband results. All that said, Vcyclenut has done his homework and many like the results so if you are going to mod the airbox, follow his guidance and not just haphazard hacking at it.

  4. I modified the piece of plastic that covers the upper part of the intake airway.
    1) to make room for the GPR stabilizer
    2) to in crease airflow for my dna air filter
    3) I trimmed the “down-spout” in the air box.

  5. Thank you everyone for the replies. I ended up following vcyclenuts walk through on modifying the air box. He is also the one flashing my ecu so I’m sure I will enjoy the results….

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