Front Wheel Bearing Problem


Looking for advice…. I think my front wheel bearing may be bad. When I go to turn, it feels like I am riding over rocks. Straight is no problem and I really don’t hear any noise. Thoughts?

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  1. Either wheel or neck bearings would be my first guess.

  2. Raise the front off the ground and spin the wheel

  3. Yep you should be able to feel it with the wheel off the ground.

  4. Yes, Have it checked out as soon as possible. And repaired.

  5. How many miles on the front tire? After about 20,000, my front tire started cupping. In a high speed turn, it would vibrate the bars. Just a thought. I would also check the wheel bearings.

  6. Look at the tread wear on the front tire. I had one separate along the edge once, and my first indication was that it rumbled like I was on rough pavement only in the turns.

  7. Get mechamic to look

  8. I have a Springer, needed grease in forks.

  9. Check your steering head bearings. Put on center stand, have someone sit on back to raise the front wheel off the ground, yank the tire front to back and notice if there is any loose play. Wheel bearings are sealed, one of the steering head isn’t

  10. Don’t RISK your life. Replace them. 8 to 12 thousand for a funeral or a couple of hundred for bearings. You make the call.

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