Front break pads are touching the disk and slowing me down


Quick question my front break pads are touching the disk and slowing me down everywhere I go my pads are burning will this be free to repair as it’s under warranty?

Bike: Benelli TNT 125

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  1. I have the same problem, murder gettin it sorted

  2. Just the standard ones mate

  3. Do you have stock or aftermaket levers

  4. Cheers I'll give it a try tommorow mate I've just degreased to see if that will help

  5. Done this today, problem solved. What you need to do is take off your brake calliper, take out brake pads. Then use a toothbrush to clean round the pistons dry. Then using some wd40 or similar, spray round the pistons and then brush again and repeat spray. Then you will need to push the pistons back. You'll probably notice that one is considerably harder than the others. This is the one you must repeatedly press brake to push piston out and then push back whilst lubricating with wd40. You must remember to Block the other piston whilst doing this so it doesn't pop out. You'll notice that up will free up after you have repeated this a few times. Then you need to just reassemble the pads and caliper. Once the bike is back together, bleed the front brake if you like

  6. Much are them like I don't even use the front brake stupid having duel breaks like

  7. Agree with Ronni Hansen sounds like sticking pistons so take it back to the dealers as few others had the same problem & it will overheat the disc & warp it

  8. Sounds like a seazed Caliper….
    If its rust due to bad weather and salt… they maybe dont cover it….

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