Fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?


Hi all!

Question…..has anyone on here had any issues with fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?

If so please can you attach a photo and rough description of what happened prior to failure.

I am draughting an open letter to BMW Motorrad to ask them what the intend to do about so many bikes having the same problem me and the danger it imposes on all of us that such catastrophic fork failure could have on our lives when riding their machines.

It has happened to me TWICE now and other riders have sent me photos of their incidents of fork failure, so it's a common fault known to BMW.

I want told that they halted the sales of the GS LC's because they knew of the fork stanchion fault and released a crimping tool to crimp the top of the stanchion to "stop" the fault occurring.

It's obviously not working good enough.

Fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?

Fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?

Fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?

Fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?

Fork stanchion failure on the GS LC?

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  1. BMW already recognized the issue and is writing to owners to get them to a BMW shop to get it fixed. They even had folks at the GS Trophy Qualification in Germany to measure and fix the issue. Mine was ok but they fixed my wife’s GS over night before the start as hers was out of tolerance.

  2. Hi Jools Moore. No problem seen as yet on my 2015 GSA, LC. Though I will keep an eye on the forks!!…

  3. There is no one who has written to me from BMW I had a GS from 2013 LCud83dude22

  4. Paul Harper

  5. So far no problem on my LC 2015. Will keep you updated.

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  7. The bike that is ridden offroad has to be checked more often. I think many including the OP are trying to start something whatever it is and whatever their reason for it is.

  8. I have recently lost all suspension damping, after exercising the ESA settings on my 2014 GSA LC….is that a first sign of the stanchion problem, or another known issue with GS ESA equipped machines?…I still have warranty on my machine.

  9. The is a BMW recall on this. Just went to dealer for servis after 20 000km a they told me that there is recall on stanchions. Unfortunately cant do it today as they don’t have the parts:(

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