Ford-F250 with a towing package any pro’s and or con’s?


Question for you good folks, my fiancé are saving for a travel trailer or 5th wheel over the 9 months—- we have a Ford-F250 with a towing package any pro’s and or con’s? Also my concern is room, we will make our palace on wheels our permanent home most likely in Texas after our cross country adventure. I am thinking something with a large full size fridge or at least as big as thy get to save on fast food etc. Also not many Super WalMart’s in the middle of New Mexico or Arizona deserts I’m sure, if we can’t get a big enough fridge, do you folks pack along an extra cooler for drinks etc? Any input would be helpful . Have a great day Campers!!!!

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  1. we had an rv that was a permanent home for over 2 years. it was 26 ft. and it was us 2 along with 3 cats and a huge collie! it isdefinitely doable. i had a dorm style refrig with small freezer on top but it didn't work for freezing…think i would go with small apt. size one ….as long as you have a good freezer you are good. my mom had a cooler that plugged into the cig lighter when she had hers. that worked out pretty well.

  2. Thanks Jheri Garcia, we are thinking at least a 30 footer since it'll be permanent for the two of us so we don't kill one another but the cooler cig lighter is an awesome idea!! Didn't know they existed!!! Thanks so much for the feedback.

  3. We will be going from a single wide 16X80 mobile to a 30 foot pull along or 5th wheel LOL

  4. have you considered those toy haulers? gives u a cute little patio and means u can be outdoors when its raining. i think what kept me sane is the fact that we were in south florida so we could go outside year round. we also got an awning – one of those roll down ones that went along the side of the camper. as far as i know they still sell those plug in coolers

  5. Fantastic Idea! But with a 30 foot 5th wheel would that be too much to haul?

  6. i would look to settle where you can grow your own food. I love a good adventure!!

  7. Now that sounds like my kind of living, my sweetie however is a steak eater LOL John Ranck Don't know much about raising cattle LOL!!!

  8. I stock up on things that don't need to be in the frig. can goods that won't spoil. Depending if you are boondocking. cost a lot to run a frig. But can goods and other things like that can go anywhere. powered milk. It is a different way to cook but its all good. Save what frig stuff for things you have to freeze. Dried foods even work.

  9. Don't get a TT. Everyone I know ended upgrading anyway, so start with something you plan to keep.

  10. Thanks guys 🙂 Happy Camping!!!!

  11. i heard cattle are really easy to care for, if you have the land….. when i travel i eat alot of dried fruit, granola…… i can kill a huge summer sausage in no time, and it stays good without refrigeration. holes in the ground, nearby streams can also keep foods longer. You may get addicted to cooking on a campfire if you set it up nicely for yourself… i miss the coffee every morning with the smoked taste…

  12. Yes I keep a cooler for things that need cool but not necessarily cold. I put ice on bottom with a wire rack over it and put eggs, hard cheese, hardier produce like greens, carrots, broccoli etc to save room in the fridge. Block ice works best.

  13. We like to stay at the free places that rarely have electrical hook ups so we try not to depend on refrigeration at all. It takes a lot of energy to run a frig. Especially a large one. We have a home base where we can grow a garden so we do a lot of canning to get ready for the months we are on the road and off the grid. We can in pints so refrigeration is not needed because we eat it all. Except soups we can in quarts which is just right for 2 people. I save old (clean haha) socks and put each jar in a sock so they don't rattle together and break. We can help you with canning questions.

  14. We are big meat eaters so we also can lots of meat in pints. The ground meat doesn't make into burgers that well but it is perfect for spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes… the chunky meat is great for anything and the steaks won't hold together for on the grill but are great in the skillet. We take our pressure canner with us so we can can meat when we find good bargains or veggies when in season in the area where we are camping like tomatoes in Florida in the winter. We can hot dogs and peppers (hot and sweet) together for a great meal. All this allows us to not worry about refrigeration so we can live very cheaply on the road.

  15. My husband also insulated one of the camper cupboards towards the inside and vented it towards the outside to make it a cool storage area when nights are cool.Of course when we are around a store we sure enjoy the fresh foods and milk and eggs!

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