For you all that carry a Gun (which I Do)


For you all that carry a Gun (which I Do) how does the conceled weapon laws working going from one to another state.I
Know Wisconsin is ,You have to take a class to get a permit. which I total agree with Lots of uninformed ppl with guns out there. But not sure if my permit transfers from state to state tried looking it up, and it was like reading instructions on a building a computer which I cant.

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  1. Go to Itunes and google store for an app called "State Lines

  2. Arizona permits recognized by 38 other states….I stay out of the anti-gun states as much as possible. California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey anti 2nd amendment….only the criminals have serious fire power in those states.

  3. Thanks Yah figure I wont have to worry about it to much. I hope the only time it needs out is to be cleaned 🙂

  4. I prefer to have it showing If Im hiking in the mountains last thing I need to be doing is digging for my pistol when some grizzly decides Im a slow moving snack

  5. Even in wisconsin always have Bear spray and a pistol never know when you're walking in on some bear cubs or a cougar.

  6. I wanted to carry a rifle in my rig to keep handy just in case. Wonder if that is legal.

  7. As far as I Know, to transport a Gun in the USA as long as your gun is in a enclosed case, and your bullets are not keep in the same place your Cool And its not full auto

  8. I caught some serious Crap from a DNR dude once, didnt have my case closed completely once. I was in a hurry and only the top wasnt closed completely. Got a warning only, But a chewing out for 30 min. Id rather paid the fine he was not a nice person.

  9. I worry about something attacking my dogs. I need to be able to defend them. Do rifles need permits?

  10. From what Ive read ppl told me a lot of states have a open law. which you can carry in the open. But when you transport they might have to be keep separate from each other I mean the gun and shells.

  11. Personally I carry a shotgun, really helps to eliminate a lot of issues related to handguns.

  12. Shotguns make lots of noise, which is a plus on scaring away unwanted visitors. and double 00 shells will do serious damage if needed. But Bulky. which sucks if your hiking. Adds another 10+ pounds. just in my Opinion

  13. I have a question too- if you are a FT RVr, hold no property and are domiciled in the state of xxx, are you considered a resident of xxx and are you permitted as a resident? Thanks…

  14. I find all the nuances confusing between states too. For EX: In one state you can have weapon x, with any size magazine, but in another state the weapon is fine but that magazine is not legal. Things like that make me nuts.

  15. When I carry I have 45 cal black powder revolvers black powder guns are pretty much seen as fireworks by the government

  16. Thats a Good Idea Mike Dam got to love Loop Holes 🙂

  17. Black powder pistol same as a reg pistol Basically

  18. Pretty much , they even sell some that you can change out the chamber to make it hold regular 45 cal bullets , I also have a pretty ballsy pirate looking like 50 cal only has one shot but it's quick to load and that one shot will do a ton of damage or shit man if you want something that you could easily load and load with just about anything rocks , glass , silverware etc get a blunderbuss it all falls under the category of a firing replica

  19. This is a list on wiki scan down the page to see it for Open carry

  20. What ive read it mostly is for pistol when there no open carry Not all but most areas. so rifles and shotguns would be aloud for open carry.

  21. check out It is a great resource. It lists states honor other states CHL.

  22. Travelers guide to firearm laws of the fifty states 2014, the book cost about 15 dollars

  23. We now have CCW here in Communist Illinoisistan. Crime rate has already dropped. Go figure.

  24. Whether you have a concealed carry permit or not if you travel with a gun it's best to get that book or one similar it's crazy the laws state to state even with a ccw there are different rules in each state one of the states I will be rving through this summer doesn't allow conceal carry inside the vehicle but allows you to have it next to you on the seat which is totally different from the state I live in

  25. Ryan L. Natschke did you not watch the new's this morning? 8 killed and 44 wonded in Chicago this past warm weekend. Before it was to cold for the gangs to be out.

  26. How do all the laws work with rifles and shotguns?

  27. Then you run into the Open Carry Law some states do some dont have it again. Or just keep them put away shells in one place guns another

  28. I saw that Neill another reason I avoid cities like a plague

  29. You have to be careful with rifles and shotguns as well some states require hard case lock boxes some don't I was shocked how many laws I broke years past when I traveled across a couple states on a hunt.

  30. That sounds good to me Greg.

  31. Im almost tempted to get a Black power less headache in the long run

  32. John I posted page you have to scan down the page a bit to see it a link tells yah open carry or ccw by state

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