For hard enduro the Xtrainer working good?


For hard enduro the Xtrainer working good?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Great for introducing riders to hard enduro, a seasoned hard enduro rider will want better suspension and a bit more hp though.

  2. Not exactly. What Owen Lock is saying is spot on.

  3. Very good, top for technical and hard tracks

  4. X is for Xtreme – Trainer

  5. Up to 35mph Xtrainer is perfect
    Over 35mph 300rr

  6. For me is better than EXC !!!

  7. Checkout trailblazers outfitters for vids of it in the creek sections we do tours in . Im 5 7 so the short seat height really helps . With amp suspension bike is totally different handles great.

  8. Yes, incredibly well, only down side is the gas tank isn’t to big for long distance, or for road use above 40 mph. Shit gets wobbly and sketchy cause its so light

  9. Very good!

  10. yes, if have a good pilot ­čÖé

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