Foot on the rear brake pedal or off the pedal?


Question: Do you ride with your foot on the rear brake pedal or off the pedal? I used to ride with my foot on the pedal but that left the rear brake light on all the time. I was told that I should keep my foot off which I have started doing but in that process I have lost the effectiveness of using rear brake in sudden situations (eg. braking on a corner). I have to shuffle my foot to bring it over the pedal and then use it, which is not really easy if you are trying to corner and brake.

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  1. I rest my foot on the brake when i’m in the city or much traffic, but on long roads i keep it off

  2. Tucked under the pedal. Ride defensively and stay aware as much as possible. Surprises do happen but it takes a twist of the ankle to be back on top of the pedal.\n\nYou could also look into rear sets if it’s a big issue.

  3. the side of the ball of my foot rests against the side of the pedal.. if that makes sense

  4. Don’t take this the wrong way.. but when you drive a vehicle do you drive with your foot on the brake pedal? ­čÖé

  5. Off. I cover while accelerating and shift the ball of my foot on to the peg once I’m at speed

  6. I ride with the arch of my foot on the peg and the toe of my boot against the side of the pedal. \n\nSome ride with their toes on the pegs and slide the foot forward to brake.

  7. Awareness is key. And then experience. Just ride aware and the techniques will come to you. Slow before corners if you feel uncomfortable.

  8. Off. Otherwise you may have your brake light on all of the time. No one will know when you are really braking and start ignoring the light. You are setting yourself up for a rear end hit. Practice, as someone else mentioned. You usually don’t want too much back brake in a panic stop or mid-turn anyway.

  9. The sudden situations that you are asking about are not accomplished with the rear brake. Panic stops are all front brake and zero rear brake. What you need for confidence is to practice panic stops until you feel comfortable using the front brake.

  10. ABS for the win here :p

  11. You should have the balls of your feet on the pegs while riding. Resting on the rear brake is a bad habit for multiple reasons.

  12. Being a proficient and safe rider begins with mastering the basic fundamentals. Opinions and preferences of riders who also don’t know the fundamentals of the sport are very dangerous and damaging opinions to ask for. There are hundreds of excellent books, films, and documentaries that were written by the best motorcycle riders in the world from which to get your answers about what’s right and wrong.\n\nWhile I am thrilled to see enthusiasts give lots of love to beautiful and thrilling motorcycles such as the FZ-07 in this group, soliciting unqualified responses from what is basically a newbie rider group on the internet will not help you to solidify even your most basic of skills. Read a book. Take an advanced (or basic) riding class from expert riders. Go to a track day. Be safe and be smart.

  13. I’d say off, especially if you are a new rider and have been driving cars for a while, so in an emergency situation your reflex won’t be to smack down the rear brake pedal like I did lol

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