FLHTK Ultra Limited 2013


FLHTK Ultra Limited 2013 Cat Deleted & made the pipe to 2-2 (True Dual). Bike heat issue resolved since then. Still running on a Stock Muffler with K&N A/C. Still undecided if to debaffle the stock muffler or a slip-on. Slips on is very expensive and am trying to keep the cost low. Any suggestion…to debaffle or slip on ?

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  1. Only thing ive been told about debaffle is if you dont like the sound you are stuck until you buy slip ons or full exhaust

  2. Rineheart slip-ons make those things sound awesome, and provide much needed back pressure since you took out the cats. worth the money. If you don’t have a fuel management system, you really need one now. Bikes are super lean from the factory, which contributes to the heat issue.

  3. I finally installed a custom slip on (comes with baffle). Real good sound…. will post the video soon

  4. What do you need to do to cat delete. Bike v came with slip ons.

  5. I bought a pair of SE 110 take offs for $50 gutted them and replaced the outlet tube with a larger size. sounds great and looks like aftermarket slip-ons for little cost

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