Fitting out 95 ST1100 for 5 week NYC to San Diego Blast this July


Greetings to all you Road Warriors….Question: Fitting out 95 ST1100 for 5 week NYC to San Diego Blast this July…any and all ideas for gear, route, events?

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  1. might have some good info for you to review. Good equipment and camp ground reviews.

  2. Lawrence Lee Thanks Much for the excellent recommendation! 🙂

  3. For gear, look to the backpacking market, most everything they use is small, compact, and lightweight. I’m a member over at MotoCampers, there are lots of great folks there and tons of great info. You will probably have to join to check out member’s photos, but search the member Ripshod, and check his trip reports. He had an ST that he did a lot of traveling on, and had quite a few pictures of his bike loaded. It might give you some ideas.

  4. Steve Yonts ..I appreciate that…did Scouting with my son for 7 years and have a bunch of stuff (looking to trade a canoe for a kayak…lol )…but putting it on my ST and not taking too much for a coast to coast ride is what I need some sage advice on..Did join the forum and am looking at it now over lunch..Thanks Much !-D

  5. Road Ranger, the biggest mistake I do is bringing too many clothes. I didn’t realize how many campsites had coin operated laundry when I went to Alaska. Even some of the more primitive ones had it. The main thing I consider are the changing of temps where I’m going and to bring layers. I go by Ironheadziggy76 on MotoCampers, feel free to shoot me a PM over there if you need anything.

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