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I'm a new owner of brand new GSA, from Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2007 I'm a BMW driver, and I had a K1200R Sport. My wife and I love to travel. Mostly Austrian and Italian Alps and Croatian coast of course. Because of our interests, because I'm 194cm/120 kg, I think GSA is right choice for me/us. My bike will be delivered from the dealership until of the end of the month. Until then I must purchase a panniers set and top case. I will drive like 95/5 on road and I don't need off-road toughness, and I like robust original BMW boxes. Question is, does the Schuberth full face S1 helmet (or similar ) fit in any of boxes? This is useful feature, not for travel, but for every day use. I ask an browse around and get different answers, so please help me. Last answer come from BMW WEBstore, where I intend to order top case, and they told me it not fit.

Thanks for any advice. Regards.

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  1. Hello Zoran. Which box brand and model are you referring to? All helmets fin in the original bmw topcases and in one of the boxes or paniers.

  2. To original BMW Adv. boxes. According to BMW Bohling und Eisele store full face helmet not fit in aluminium top case for R1200gs adventure 2014-k51?

  3. I’m talking about this combination

  4. I am very surprised at what Bohling & Eisele says. Here someone else would have to tell you. On the 2012 GSA the topcase as well as in the left panier or box a full face helmet will fit. I can’t imagine things have changed in 2014. Bhling also says that the 2012 aluminium topcase cannot receive a full face helmet but it does. I had an aluminium panier system and fitted 2 helmets in the cases.

  5. Thanks Jacques. Conclusion is – must try 🙂

  6. Zoran I have the 2014 GSA and a Shoei Hornet. This helmet will fit in the Top Box but not in the Panniers. Perhaps without the peak a normal full face may fit in the pannier, but it will definitely fit in the top box.

  7. Thanks Kevin. You already told me so, but after that I make a order on Bohling & Eisele, and ask the same question, and today they answer me to my Schuberth will no fit. Unfortunately dealer here does not have any case to try, and this top case look pretty small to me 🙂 I certainly believe you, but I’m bit confused. Thanks again

  8. Zoran Niceno I hope these help. Both helmets fit in top box. 1 will fit left pannier

  9. Great explanations and demonstration Kevin !

  10. Hahaha. Thanks Kevin. Very helpful and illustrative.

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