Finbro Ecu For Honda MSX125 Grom


What’s everyone’s opinion on the finbro ecu? I have a ’17 with a m4 exhaust, radiator hose mod, and I swapped the spark plug to a cr7. I do a lot of full throttle for multiple miles at a time and I can smell the heat from the engine when I come to a stop.

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  1. Mine did that for the first 200 miles

  2. Its running fine for me. But its a humid environment here, like Thailand, so it runs better than it did where it was drier.

  3. I have no problems out my finbro. I’m running intake exhaust built head and a 12:3 compression piston

  4. I have that IDENTICAL setup. I change the oil with Honda synthetic every 2k. So far I have 31,500 trouble free miles. Most of my riding is wide open throttle at 55+ mph too.

  5. Mines been dream. Works heat stock bore and is hit or miss with bbk’s

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