Favorite bike shop


What is the name of your favorite bike shop and its location?
What attracted you to it? Goods/services or both?

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  1. In New Jersey – I think High Gear Cyclery, Long Hill Township is supreme. Not only huge inventory, but they have excellent mechanics.

  2. "The Bike Shop" Lancaster Ohio. Attracted to it by curiosity. Wanted to see what the crazy hippie that ran the place was doing. Said hippie got me into mountain biking.

  3. R.I.P Hogtown

  4. K&G in Kettering and Tipp Cyclery

  5. North Shore Cycle: Lynn MA
    I've been with them for many many years, decades. The father started the business and now the son (Mark) runs it.
    They sell mostly Specialized which I use and have for awhile, but they can get anything.
    Knowledgeable, Friendly, and the mechanic (Wes) is just the best.

  6. Adrenaline Bikes and it was recommended to me…and I had other shops and bikes I wanted to try before I bought but the guy that worked there was so comforting and knowledgeable I decided just to buy from him…and on my next bike when I wanted something he didn't carry I bought the frame and bought it and let him build it out

  7. R&M Cyclery in Springfield, Illinois. Good environment, good people, they're always hooking people up instead of nickel and dimeing them.

  8. Road 34. Best bike repair place (with a bar).

  9. Jay's Cycle Center, Westfield, NJ
    Nice people to work with. Casual group rides.

  10. Orchid Island Bikes and Kayaks in beautiful Vero Beach Florida

  11. The problem here in Portland is that we have so many damn good LBS choices. Here are a few of my favorites.

    – Joe Bike: A great little LBS literally right around the corner from my house. They're great people who give great service. They've helped me out numorous times when I've gotten over my head with home repairs.

    – Western Bikeworks: A good shop with a wide selection of products. They're the perfect blend of brick-n-mortor and on-line shop. They've got great deals, price-matching, and all the other things you'd expect from an on-line shop, but with the convenience of being able to pop into the store and pick up your orders, ask questions, handle returns, etc.

    – River City Bicycles: Another awesome local store with a wide selection of bikes and products and a great staff.

    – Velo Cult: Is it a bike shop? A bar? A coffee shop? A great neighborhood hangout? A motley club of misfits who are in love with all forms of cycling? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. VC is a one-of-a-kind place that you just have to see for yourself.


  12. Goldstream bicycles
    Simply they best shop in my area.

  13. Retro City Cycles in Orlando ( with another shop Greenway Cycles at the Santos TH in Bellevue). They're great!

  14. Fair Wheel Bikes, Tucson, AZ: they've got a huge selection of bike stuff in the store; they're mega-knowledgeable; they have several rides throughout the week, year round; and the shop is just a bike porn palace.

  15. Olympia cycle because they are the sole carrier of Bianchi and the Bike Rack in Omaha because they have a lot of bike events

  16. Blue Cat Cycles in Watertown,NY
    Owner experienced cyclist

  17. Utilitie bike works Wall Street Kingston NYfrom the moment he opened I have given all my business

  18. Austintown Glenwood Cycles. Austintown Ohio and now Bicycles of Tulsa. Both good stores run by good people. No snobbery and a lot of knowledge.

  19. incycles san dimas great staff and fully stocked with bikes and parts and vics bikes pomona owner vic is also my bike mech, very down to earth and super chill guy

  20. ABC Cycles on Parc ave in Montréal. But they closed this year after a century of being open.

  21. Cranked Bike Studio – Moving to a new location this weekend, Neenah, WI

  22. Chili Pepper Bike shop, Moab Utah, Blue Dog Cycles, and Smiths Bike and fitness

  23. Downtown Cycles. Newark Ohio

    The owners are really good guys who are will to help anyone

  24. Pedal Pushers… Harrisburg, PA… The owners/staff listen to the customer and go out of their way to help

  25. Velo garage. Because they have beer on tap as well as a bike shop. I'm here right now lol. In north Kansas City

  26. Shirk's. Luke the man!

  27. Clovis Bicycle Company, Clovis, CA

  28. Schlegels Bikes in downtown Oklahoma City. Awesome sales, GURU Fit and wrenches.

  29. Bluebonnet Bicycles but no longer in business.

  30. Longmont Velo. But any shop I stop in is my favorite.

  31. Robby's in Stockton Ca

  32. Fulton Cycle Works, Hanford CA….mostly the service

  33. Midwest Cyclery in Kansas City. Family run business for 40 years. Bike tech is awesome.

  34. Contender Bicycles On 9th and 9th in Salt Lake City Ut.
    And now in Park City Ut.
    The staff is professional and caring and always makes you feel welcome.

  35. Acme Bicycles Rapid City, SD Tim, Trent & Josh have extensive knowledge and are great people!!

  36. New Horizon's Bikes in Westfield, MA…. There are two stores closer, one stocks cannondale and kona only, the other one stocks jamis gravel bikes and a bunch of stuff over $4k…. New horizons had everything from affordable to fancy AF, mountain, road and cargo. When I found the fit for me, they didn't hesitate to order the model I wanted from their warehouse, vs the one on the floor without two important to me features.

  37. Contender in Salt Lake City.

  38. Giant unuversity area charlotte nc…great service

  39. Bicyclewise in Whitewater, WI…owner has his own line of bikes. I go there because he's an experienced bike builder (worked for Schwinn when Schwinn was top of the line in the 80's). They also sell awesome coffee and give real life, no bs advice. No sales job there.

    2 Rivers Bicycle in Fort Atkinson, WI because they are a Surly/Salsa dealer and cool people to chew the fat with and play Phish and other groovy music.

  40. The original Bike Barn in Houston, TX. It was a hole-in-the-wall in 1984 when I bought my first “real” bike from Kitty Barnes. Expertise and great personal attention! The business was sold several years ago and has expanded to multiple locations. Still my go-to LBS.

  41. Kent Cyclery Kent,Ohio

  42. Western Bikeworks, Portland Oregon. I discovered them online first, then I was thrilled to find out that they have a full service shop right here in my hometown.

  43. Slam69 Gloucester. Customer service second to none

  44. Hale cycle works.cheshire u.k.

  45. Hanger 51 Bikes in the Olympas Cove shopping center at the base of Mill Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City Utah.

  46. Hill on Wheels, Richmond Hill, GA. Staff is AWESOME!

  47. Joy Ride Bicycles in Logan, Utah

    Amazing customer service, great mechanics. They don't have a super large inventory (but no one does up here), but can pretty much get anything I need in about two days. They support a number of group rides, off season trainer rides when the snow is deep, and maintain our city sponsored rental bike fleet.

  48. Open Road Bicycles

  49. Curfmans Marion Indiana, that Floyd's Barbershop Feel, friendly and good guys.

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