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Looking to put a fan set up on my 16 xcf 450….. looking for suggestions on which one ??

Michael McLennan:

The ktm one is good quality and lasts. the trailtech one has adjustment check pricing between both.. most road bike fans even from a 250 are pretty big and normally dont fit. I have succesfully used the small ebay 4″ fan $20 for over maybe two years with no issues. i have in the past used one or two two large computer fans on my drz and lasts for up to a year even when they get wet suprisingly they dont push much air but often its enough dont use much power and are small enough size wise. (i live in vanuatu so you cant always get stuff overnight , so your fan brakes and you try anything!!!). If your not tight spend the money once and go trailtech or KTM.

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  1. Trail tech

  2. Trail tech has a nice fan/guard set up.

  3. For all our 2016+ we use the bulletproof gaurds as they do a much better job of protecting against side impacts also

  4. What seems to be the best running temp ??

  5. I have the trail tech with LCD display on a couple. Currently at 175. But somewhere between 175-185 seems okay. Depending on terrain more than anything.

  6. Super happy with the trail tech on my 450 ktm. It’s been going for 3 years…

  7. Trail tech all day erry day

  8. Operating temperature is 195

  9. I did a Boyesen super cooler instead and works great, no more boil overs even on tight single track and less likely to get damaged than a fan kit

  10. Something else to mention is you can buy just the SPAL ktm fan for about 60usd off ebay then just put a fuse and a manual switch. The automatic cut off switches often fail anyhow.

  11. I’m thinking the newer bikes are controlled via the ECM with the temp sensor that’s in the head. The Husky FE line is anyways. Not sure about the XCF.

  12. The older ktm fan kit comes with the pipe piece to cut the factory pipe and the sensor fits in that… my sensor lasted two months before it failed.. others i know do the same now,,,, manual switch .. is why i suggest to maybe just buy the SPAL ktm fan and Throw on a manual switch for when you need it.. …. The other bonus is it doesnt stay on for a minute after you turn the engine off..

  13. KTM rep told me that Trailtech makes the factory cluster for KTM, and when you pull the fans out of the box next to each other they’re identical, but the KTM oem kit has nicer mounting hardware.

  14. Best rad guards for a 4t are the flo motorsports are the way togo. There finned for better flow. Trail tech for fan kit

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