Fairings off auctmart how much did you pay?


Question for all those who order fairings off auctmart how much did you pay? I’m in a discussion with one of the sales reps through email he’s stating they never sold fairings for $350 usd but I can somewhat remember less than a year ago looking at them on there web site for this price. Thanks. Edit: is anyone has a recipe showing a better price can you black out your info and send it to me?

Fairings off auctmart how much did you pay?

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  1. These are from there. They were perfectly fine. No fitment issues. This is my back up bike.

  2. I honesty say they about even with eBay the nose clips don’t fit and it’s just cuz the gauge of plastic not there. Fault

  3. The prices have gone up on the Auctmart fairings. The sets I got from them have been great! Summit farings were cheaper before as well but have gone up. Free shipping will come back with Auctmart fairings but just not yet I asked about it. I ordered some NT fairings on Amazon which is gonna take a few weeks but because I had $100 gift card couldn’t resist. This will be my first time using the nt fairngs so we’ll see how they are. However like I said I had great luck with Auctmart. Only down fall was the wait period

  4. Nathan Jeffery

  5. Honestly they all seem to be kinda flimsy plastic. Second kit I ever bought using 2 different company’s. (not from the company you mentioned ) $475 and after two days of riding I noticed my rear fender broke and my rear fairing started to crack. Most recent was NT fairing.

  6. I have this front aucmart i paid like 575 with the tank cover and nothing its wrong for me

  7. I got mine off amazon pic coming soon

  8. I got mine unpainted and did the color myself.

  9. Mine were 400 even at the time, custom and shipped

  10. Thats how much i paid, always been like $350. Ish they trying to up the price?

  11. I just bought mine 6 months ago and $550 shipped. The paint job is good. They mostly fit ok but the nose fairing needs so much work to align and still ain’t a perfect fit.

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