Extra LED lights to ST1100


Question for all the clever people out there, looking to add extra led lights to my bike, and also upgrade front lenses to led. Any suggestions on how to wire this all, do i need an auxillary fuse box (no idea what that means but heard it said somewhere.

Paul 6 years 4 Answers 791 views 0

Answers ( 4 )

  1. Depends if your adding an array of spot lights, need to relay and switch them\nOr swapping lights for led, indicators usually need resistors to stop the fast flashes,

  2. swapping the main head unit to led but want 2 small led lights facing front too Paul

  3. There are a few on here that changed to led headlight, the aux lights should be straight forward through a relay and switch plenty of info online and diagrams

  4. Never felt the need to fit leds. If you headlamp aim is correct they work perfect.

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