Experience with the guard from Boano?


Hello Guys,

since i've already got a small dent in my pipe, I wonder if I should get a pipeguard. Do these carbon guards actually protect the pipe from dents or is this just "bling bling"?

Does anyone have experience with the guard from Boano?

Or are there other pipeguards which you can recommend?


Greetings from the oldest city in Germany.

Experience with the guard from Boano?

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  1. they stop the small dents you would get from stones and from normal scuffs from dropping the bike but anything harder would still damage the pipe.

  2. They work well and I’d be interested to know where I can find one

  3. A friend smacked something pretty hard and made a hole about the size of a golf ball and no damage to the pipe. I was impressed.

  4. Share a link in comments to where I can get one please

  5. I have a used p3 one for sale.

  6. You guys in the states ??

  7. Put the money against a FMF Gnarly

  8. Absolutely works.

  9. You CAN still ding your pipe with one on, but it saves a helluva lot of them

  10. Definitely a good thing

  11. Yes, carbon guards protect your pipe! Sierra BMW Motorcycle & Beta Motorcycles ships worldwide! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’ve had the P3 Carbon guard on since new. I’ve lost count of the times that the bike has been down on the right side. There is a gouge in the middle of the guard but the pipe is still perfect…two years running.

  13. Love my P3 pipe guard

  14. Ive fitted about 25 of these and can highly recommend. ProPower International Free Shipping Worldwide! http://propowerinternational.com/shop/beta-pipe-guards

  15. When I had the stock pipe I had a Boano guard. they didn’t have the P3’s out for three more months. Got the P3 for my Gnarly pipe and love it.

  16. Mine took a nasty drop on some harsh rocks and no dent on pipe, but my shiny carbon guard is now a little scrapped up

  17. Yes they help, I took mine off and the first time out without it a stick flipped up and put a golf ball size dent in my pipe…
    As far as big hits go I can’t comment other than saying that it’s much better than no protection.

  18. My friend started P3 and sold it a few years ago. His last name starts with a P

  19. First thing I put on my bike. It was a good thing I did. First ride out slammed off a rock and scratched the pipe guard with no pipe damage. Paid for itself the first day.

  20. Here is my damaged pipe guard. Had bike a few months and was trying to be careful… Had a few spills and knew I wanted a guard. For looks and function. Then got one and after a few rides I was happy to have it. I do want to recoat it with some resin. Anyone have any ideas.

  21. The Hyde guard is Kevalar /Carbon infused for maximum strength,it is lined on the inside with high heat resistant silicone rubber strips that absorbs impact and allows a gap between pipe and guard for cooler running.

  22. Aide bien !

  23. Beta special parts catalogue

  24. I have the Boano one, it’s very good but sometimes rocks are harder ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. con boano ho avuto una ottima esperienza

  26. ho preso paramarmitta e grafiche

  27. I seem to crash more on the right than on the left. I am still amazed that my 2 year old pipe is still undented. My P3 CF guard has a deep gash from the first ride but the pipe is still perfect. Get a good guard.

  28. get a pipe guard. I got one that looks just like the pic you posted. It is well worth it. I’ve had plenty of crashes and there are just some scratches on the pipe guard. They do work.

  29. I’ve just ordered the Boano pipeguard. 107u20ac seem to be well invested.
    Thanks for your input. ๐Ÿ™‚

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