EVO Quick Lock ENGAGE II SW-Motech Tank Bag


Ok thinking about getting a EVO Quick Lock ENGAGE II SW-Motech tank bag.

One question.

Is it at all water proof? Just seen one saying it comes with a cover…..can’t be stopping to deal with that shite!

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  1. Only way to get properly waterproof is a tank box like mine and no one makes those.

  2. I bought it a couple of years ago and I love it. It fits perfectly the shape of the tank. The quick release to fill up with gas is awesome. Now I have never used the cover that it is sold with it. It got wet a few times and never had any issue. For heavier rain, I’m sure that the cover that comes with it works well. Go for it!

  3. I have the engage and it’s waterproof enough even without the cover. Unless you ride for hours under heavy shower….. + totally agree with Sebastien Place

  4. Spray it with waterproofer !

  5. how much are they?

  6. I spray all my tank bags with Camp Dry. Occasioinally a little seepage through the zipper. But that is it.

  7. Yes, that Is water proof with cover.

  8. I just got a GIVI tankloc bag myself and am wondering the same thing. Mine comes with a draw string on the inner for sealing it from water, but also has the same additonal plastic waterproof bagging to put on. Assume you need to put the additonal bag on for it to be \

  9. I got fed up after my second givi waterproof cover blew off in the wind

  10. Fair point. Nothing is fully water proof unless you have a plastic lunchbox on your tank….. Mian 😏

  11. Sw motech gear is very expensive. Think the Givi range is better quality and cheaper. I’ve had 2 Givi tanklock bags and both have been in the rain and never had water ingress issues.

  12. I too have the Engage bag. Fits the lines of the bike perfectly and is very convenient. The waterproof cover will never come off I use, but the bag is resistant enough for rain showers when on the move. Can get a wallet, phone, bottle of water, disc-lock and a pair of spare gloves in there. Plus a cord lock in the side pouch. Well made.

  13. Not waterproof , i ve the same , it come with a cover

  14. Not cheap , but it look better than the others on tracy

  15. Be good to see that engage actually on a bike, Mark 🙂 I’ve never really liked the look of tank bags, but that one might work for me 🙂

  16. I’ve changed my small Givi TankLock for SW Motech Engage just for the look of it. It is smaller than it looks, big part of the main compartment is taken by the mounting system itself which is very awkward to use. And it doesn’t come with the rain cover. I’m thinking of selling it and going back to Givi which as someone mentioned above is cheaper, better design and quality. Bike looks so good on it’s own, that It’ll do with a so-so looking tank bag 😀

  17. Michal is it not so quick realise then?

  18. That the bag came with the cover? I sit right beside my bike gadgets 🙂

  19. Gigi tank ring is like an ashtray, the Evo tank ring is neat. Never had to use cover even in downpours

  20. God damn! ‘m so conflicted now. Not liking the cord on the front, just too fiddly! Time to check out some Givi I think

  21. I’d say one must try and see what’s better for himself, I have both and I will get back to my 4 years old Givi whenever I have time to take the SWM off the bike and list it online for sale. But to get back to the original question I’ve never had problems with stuff getting wet even without the cover ( which I forgot I have 🙂 ) Happy 2018!

  22. Never had an issue getting it on or off the bike.

  23. So after all that I’ve had a good look around and I’ve picked my my dads Givi Xstream and sat it on my tank and it’s not a bad looking fit really.So thanks for the comments and photos, so nearly got one, but the Givi wins with it being bigger and more suited to what I’ll end up using it for!

  24. Have fun, you’ll enjoy it

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