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I wanted to share a quick review of this product called EverRev because I think some of you guys will find it solves some fairly common problems on KTM’s. I came across an add for EverRev in Motocross Action magazine a few years ago. They talked about reducing friction in oils, and I was dealing with a stiction issue in my forks, so I reached out to the company for info on the product. It turned out that this stuff was designed for NASA and testing had already been done for stiction and the results were so good that the forks had to be revalved as a result. Unfortunately for me I got hurt right after getting this stuff, and never got to test it in my forks. Fast forward 2 years and I’m riding a KTM 350sxf and the damn thing keeps slipping into neutral when I shift from 2nd to 1st OR from 1st to 2nd. I searched the web and the various forums for a solution and opened up my transmission and made some small adjustments to springs and the shift star, etc, but it didn’t solve the problem. On a whim I added 2 oz of EverRev to my engine oil and went riding. To be honest I didn’t notice anything…..until I changed my oil again and forgot to add EverRev. The transmission went straight back to hanging up in neutral on the first ride post oil change. So I added some more EverRev to the crank case and again, the transmission worked as intended, no false neutrals. As a side benefit, I could feel the motor revving more freely. Since it’s a 350, and revs to 14K, it’s nice that it’ll spool up more quickly and allow me to use those higher RPMs. In our quest for better performance in our bikes, this stuff is a step in the right direction. And any time we can pour a solution into the motor, rather than open up the motor and make modifications, I think it’s win. *before the question gets asked, I’ve had the false neutral issue in my gearbox while running both Motorex oil as well as Rotella, with neither one being better or worse. I added the EverRev to Motorex.


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  1. Very nice infomercial

  2. Good to know. FYI, I found BelRay synthetic 4 stroke oil solved a difficult shifting transmission problem in a YZ426 i once owned.

  3. I’m curious, what adjustments did you make to the springs and shiftstar?

  4. False neutrals are mechanical malfunctions. Nothing to do with lubrication. Nice pitch though

  5. A more slippery lubricant may allow the dogs to disengage more easily.

  6. What oil were you using in the tranny?

  7. Oooooooohhh. NASA.

  8. Slick 50 comes to mind, and in all honesty it actually did work as advertised

  9. Even raises the rev limiter

  10. Dang, a guy tries to share some Christmas cheer and gets nothing but shit on…No, I’m not related to the manufacturer in any way And, No, I’m not getting paid to write this. I’ve just been putting up with a shifting issue since my bike was new in 2013, and I found a solution and wanted to share it with fellow enthusiasts.

  11. Lubricates power band

  12. Micro polish gear sets

  13. I always tod rotella do that

  14. My buddy swears by this stuff he actually had his bike lockup in the air at the track brand new from factory 5 hrs on it or so he got it to break loose from pouring some in cylinder then added it with oil and now has 100hrs on bike never changed piston

  15. Hummm? Never been an additive guy (working for an oil distributor for 22 yrs). I see a lot of of people adding products to an oil that’s already proven to work and try to make it better, don’t you think millions of dollars and hundreds of man hrs made the best shelf product available?

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