Engine cleaner before doing an oil change


Hey, has anyone used engine cleaner before doing an oil change, biker friend recommended it, you’re supposed to put the cleaner in the old oil and let the bike idle and drain it after. Any opinions?

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  1. I don’t use any additives.

  2. Nope I just run her like crazy and change oil and filter every 1000-1500 miles

  3. Snake oil.

  4. You have to be careful with some additives like that bc itll make your clutch slip.

  5. Nope. No need for it. Just run good oil and change it on time.

  6. If your using crap oil, not changing the oil regularly, or the bike has been sitting for 5+ years then MAYBE… but most of the time… NO!

  7. why would you want to? ive never seen oil varnish build up in our bikes

  8. It’s sketchy because of the wet clutch

  9. Modern oils have detergents that do that automatically.

  10. NO NO NO NO NO!

  11. ok thanks for the feedback, guess I´ll just change the oil normally and coolant for next season

  12. If your previous oil was in very bad condition, better to buy cheapest oil which you able to get(still with JASO MA/ MA2) and use it as a flush liquid. Run the engine for a few minutes, drain out. Then change it with the intended oil which you want to use (plus oil filter if necessary). You can keep that cheap oil and use it for other purpose.

  13. my WR is self cleaning. I just fill gas and ride

  14. Just drain and refill twice if it’s that bad.

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