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Hi guys. I’m looking for a recommendation which emergency satellite tracking device to buy. What do you guys use? I have no idea what is on the market today. Thanks.
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  1. I think Garmin InReach is the defacto standard these days.

  2. Prefer InReach just because of the flexibility of their plans. If you want a one time cost then just get a PLB.

  3. I have been using delorme, spot gen 2 and 3, and spot trace heavily, side by side, for last week and a half, for use as \

  4. I used an InReach and a Spot Tracker through Africa, Europe, the UK and the states. My wife was able to text me anywhere and track me and my progress. Cheap insurance and communication IMO.
    I did have an issue with the InReach though. It stopped tracking until I could connect to a PC to update the software and reset it, so it was nonfunctional for about 2 weeks since I didn’t carry a laptop with me.

  5. Without question, Garmin InReach. I have used mine for 3 years from Colorado River in Grand Canyon to remote island in Caribbean. Flawless.

  6. I use Fast Find, no tracking, but also no fees, plus stronger signal than others

  7. Check out the Orange SPOT device. Works well and yearly fee is listed on their website.

  8. Spot Trace is what I use for tracking and security on my bike. It can be mounted where it can’t be seen. It also activates tracking automatically when the bike starts moving. It is only for asset tracking, not for personal safety. The Spot Gen3 is for personal tracking and safety (SOS button). I happened to use both. Image is the Spot Trace. http://www.manicnomads.com

  9. buy used Delorme inreach. You’ll hear all about how $$ spot service can be….and their brutal customer service….been there done that. Delorme (now garmin) can be purchased month by month. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DeLorme-inReach-SE-2-Way-Satellite-Communicator-GPS-Tracker-NIB/332468132831?hash=item4d68a51bdf:g:NWMAAOSwFyhaIL-5

  10. InReach bottom line.\nUsed to be Delorme, now Garmin. Either is good, just depends on what features are most important to you.\nDon’t skimp on data plan. So great for navigating, sharing, tracking, text messaging, social media (if desired), etc…\nTake those tracks and overlay the code in to Google Earth or any other program. Amazing!!!

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