Electra Glide Ultra Intercom System


I have a 99 ultra, does anybody use their intercom system ? and does it work right? and were do you find new cover for then, guessing the connecting point are dirty so what do you use to clean them.

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  1. Small wire brushes that will fit that female part are made. Dremel is one that comes to mind. Hold it in your fingers and spin it till it’s clean, blow it out, then follow up with some dielectric (sic?) grease to prevent corrosion.

  2. I have one but no headsets. Thinking this winter I’ll get some. I would use torch tip cleaners.

  3. Just remember that if you are looking to upgrade your stock stereo anytime that you will lose the intercom. Save yourself the aggravation and go with a Bluetooth headset

  4. I use it and like it when just the wife and I are on the bike, but I switch up to a Bluetooth headset to connect with other riders in my group instead on group rides

  5. I had a 99, now have an 07. Never once used the intercom or the CB. And my stock radio works fine without the antenna.

  6. I went the other way. Had a Bluetooth system that sucked. Went to the Harley wired intercom and love it. No crackling or other strange noises and the audio is crystal clear.

  7. I’ve seen OEM intercom setups with the proper din plug on eBay for $27/each. It still requires a headset of some type. Seems like a lot just to use the CB. But, maybe you like using your CB? There are advantages to that…especially, on long lonely roads or when you need help. js. Personally, I don’t bother with that as I use a Sena BT device for this purpose. They make headsets for all different types of helmets. I can intercom with other riders over longer distances, listen to music stored on my phone, listen to web-based apps (Spotify, Pandora, etc) and make/take phone calls with voice control. Sena also has the capability, with a 3.5mm plug, to directly connect your phone to the OEM radio, as well: CD’s, AM/FM, WB, but not CB. Lastly, I plug my phone into an USB charging port (cig lighter) for a constant charge while mounted on my handle bars. Pick your poison, right?

  8. mine works great, use it everytime we use it, my owners manual for the stereo showed me how to use it.

  9. I use the intercom with wife a lot, just have to keep the VOX turned off and use PTT

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