Electra Glide Ultra Classic 1353 1356 Codes


Ok I’ll admit I’m getting kinda pissed. I have an 05 Ultra, keep getting the 1353 1356 codes. I changed plugs and wires, the bike is running just fine. Any suggestions? The check engine light is seriously fucking with my OCD lol

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  1. I don’t sifder from OCD, I rather enjoy it!

  2. Pull the bulb? 🤔

  3. Im going through it myself. On my 06 flhtcui. Running great but that light comes on and the code is for the rear cylinder. Pushed the rear cylinder plug wire up on the coil and heard it click in better. Rode to work this morning with no engine light. Make sure theyre on tight and check for other loose connections. Hope thats all youre dealing with man. And i hope thats the end of my troubles too. That light makes me not wanna get too far from home.

  4. Every once in awhile mine will come on when I roll on the throttle and then go off when I decelerate. Don’t know what it means, so I just ride, screw it!🤣

  5. my 05 had the same codes coming on a while back, took some finding. faulty computer, new one installed and no problem since.

  6. My 91 has no codes 😃

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