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Looking to upgrade the speakers on my Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic what’s the best brand ? Thanks.

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  1. Check out sp audio from Mike Suggitt ! People are taking out their hertz for them so they gotta be good ! I just ordered 4 6.5

  2. I like hertz

  3. For the money I like Polk audio db series. I have them in my bags and fairing with jl audio amp and love them. Very cost effective and sound great even at 80mph I have been pulled over in town for it being too loud. They aren’t hertz by no means but they aren’t as expensive as hertz either

  4. It depends on year. The not-so-brilliant engineers at HD have dabbled around with a variety of OHM ratings. Make darn sure you speakers are rated at equal or greater OHMs. If you don’t —– some risk you’ll burn out the head. I’m a Hog Tunes fan.

  5. Soundz builds the best speakers and amps made for Harley Davidson. Quality and customer service is second to none.

  6. Tried a lot of these Digital Design tops of all

  7. Sinister sound

  8. Kicker all day.

  9. I used jl audio zr 650’s with a jl audio 4 channel amp they are unbelievable!

  10. geeze, if there was a “best Brand” you wouldn’t have a choice or need to ask..

  11. Rockford Fosgate

  12. All I hear are great reviews for Hertz and Focal. But they’re somewhat cost prohibitive for most people including myself. I’ve had a few guys brag on the J&M Audio kits. Couple of speakers, amp, all required wiring, adapters, etc. and much less of an impact on the wallet.

  13. Rocker Fosgate speakers and amp on Amazon it rocks

  14. Hertz $160 for the front & Focal $140 for the back on ebay….. You won’t be disappointed!

  15. I have Pioneer for sale with a 4 channel amp

  16. I’m interested in doing this as well

  17. You’re right, every asshole has an opinion. So, I’ll throw in Sinister Sound. Just take a few minutes to look at their video on their Facebook page. Pretty impressive!

  18. So if I upgrade the speakers do I need an amp?

  19. I threw some infinity kappas in mine about a month ago. The sound is crystal clear and loud enough I can hear them over my true duel’s…

  20. Depends….. speakers alone won’t make a huge difference. You need more power. You get that with a piggy back amp, or antirely new head unit. The big challenge with option 2 is compatibility with hand controls. Hog tunes is a half decent piggy back.

  21. Hertz HCX165

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