Electra Glide Losing Pressure at Rear Suspension


Hello guys, My 2011 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic loosing pressure at rear suspension. I checked air lines,connections. No leak. What you think? Shocks? Thank you.

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  1. Am having same with my cvo am going spray leak test on connection

  2. Push in the tabs and pull each line out, cut clean and reinstall. Push them in good. That’s how I fixed my shocks.

  3. The HD air sucks are known for leaks. Time to upgrade to aftermarket

  4. My leak was at the fill valve. There is my 10 cents worth. Turned into a weekly check almost prior to this find. I am with Chadd Hudson on his opinion they suck.

  5. Over $400 for stock one…..service guy told me they don’t have many customers with that problem🤔\nMy \

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