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I’m looking to buy a riders back rest. Can anyone recommend a good brand and do you have to bolt the rest down?

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  1. Mine came with the bike when I bought it . But it has three bolts and a bracket that connect it to the bike under the seat.

  2. Thanks. Is it more comfortable with or without it?

  3. Well I went from a 09 sportster to a 05 ultra lol Sportster sucked backrest makes a huge difference even on short rides . I have carpel tunnel and not having to hold my weight up is amazing .

  4. I added mine – it’s from Harley. 3 bolts under the seat – then the back rest can be easily removed or installed at anytime. I love mine – could not imagine riding without. It makes a huge difference on long trips. It doesn’t seem to interfere with my passenger – she doesn’t seem to mind it

  5. Mine has spring loaded pins that go into a bracket under the seats. Takes seconds to put on or remove.

  6. I’ve used both H-D and Mustang backrests with their respective seats. HIGHLY recommended, especially if you get handlebars with a very slight pullback so you can lean into it.

  7. Mine came with the bike. Can’t seem to get comfortable with it on. Don’t feel like I’m setting all the way back in the seat, pushes me forward toward the gas tank seems like.

  8. Mine has stock bars on it, but I’m 6’1” and I feel like the bike is made for shorter riders. If I didn’t have highway pegs, I’m cramped on it. When I do use the highway pegs it kind of pushes me back, hence why I want to see if the riders backrest would make it more comfortable to ride

  9. Had two from harley, both were the models that can be adjusted going down the road. Not crazy about HD because of price but it fits and works.

  10. After trying various EBAY back rests , I finally bought a HD unit .dont waste your $$$$ and time just buy a HD unit and be happy

  11. Guess that saying is true, “You get what you pay for”?

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