Electra Glide Classic Suspension Suggestions


So picked up my bike it’s a 2008 Electra glide classic the previous owner put progressive shocks on it but it just keeps bottoming out on the highest setting anyone have any suggestions on a new set of heavier duty suspension me and my child and wife aren’t from the Barbie catalog so need something that won’t bottom out any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Progressive makes a firmer shock look into that I like the Harley air shock I have on mine

  2. Wish I had the air shocks

  3. You said highest setting, there are some progressive when you go down they get stiffer. Just an idea.

  4. Look up pinwall bike salvage your sure pick up air shocks cheap enough I have bought few items and am in Ireland

  5. HD air shocks completely blow. They don’t even have rebound. Read the reviews. I got rid of mine and it was like magic. All of a sudden I wasn’t getting bounced around over rough road surfaces. High speed turns were a lot more solid. You’re obviously a \

  6. Also.. maybe.. check that there isn’t a lowering kit on it.. I had that on my 07.. total pos… bottomed out every bump and took out the wiring going over some RR tracks

  7. Not sure if it is lowered it has progressive shocks but are 170 pounds per inch a friend said and I need 300 pounds per inch plus these are leaking so not sure how they passed a safety at the dealership also have a charging problem

  8. Charging? Oh Oh… that’s 1200 in parts to do it right… change your compensator while your at it. When I get home I’ll take pics of the things I took off.. solved my problem

  9. Get volt meter check output at battery 1st then do same at wires from stater I had s charging problem turned out to be loose wires

  10. I have Progressives on my 07, wife and i ride two up all the time on the middle setting, something is not right, they rock when set correctly, agree with above, see that someone has not done something to the mounting, lowering, etc. Call Progressive, they are good with customer service, take pictures first

  11. The dealer ship is being great they said they would put a set of stock air ride ones and fix everything else due to me only having 10km on it

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