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  1. Carb

  2. I wanna know because one of these has to go.

  3. Because , you are released ftom all the sensors and relays..leaving your focus to these up grades: Cams Pipes & mufflers Air in ( S&S )

  4. I love the red one and all the chrome but the black one seems to be a lot quicker.

  5. Black one every time

  6. I’ve got the efi 88 and it’s going under the knife this winter/spring for 96 jugs heads pistons cams oil pump tentioners full sac exhaust and power commander to wake it up.

  7. 2001 s&s super carb, heads ported and cleaned, cam, Bub 7 true duals, tuner. 96 hp 94lb of torque

  8. I got an S&S cuarburater brand new and complete. But i keep it in the box, couse i like the efi couse of it`s relaybility and it`s starts at once no matter how long it`s been sitting. And i guess you get some more out of the fuel. Why botter with a carb. if you have not tuned or done something to your engine. Efi is a safe and loyal choise. I have herd so many opinions about this issue, so i go with what i have found out myself. No need to mess with something that works fine. Keep the efi. and you will be fine..Just my to cents…

  9. Get a newer bike, with 96 and call it a career.

  10. Personally, I a fan of a carburetor. Fuel injection is good and it’s easy to put on a tuner to get a little more power but I’m more of a hands on type of guy and I love to get a bike(or car) to run good by spending time adjusting this or replacing that…I spent over a week on my Sporty adjusting the timing and fuel mixture to get it tuned in just right after any performance upgrades I done. I get more satisfaction by doing it this way than to say “I put a tuner on my bike, only took me 20 minutes and it runs great”. Don’t get me wrong carburetor and fuel injection both have advantages to them. The one thing I ask anyone debating on EFI VS Carburetor is…can you rebuild, rejet, etc. a carburetor and do you tend to ride at various altitudes? Carburetors need to be rebuilt where efi are more of a bolt on and plug-n-play. I live in WV and tune my carbs for my average riding commutes but I’ve been in the mountains before and needed to do some small adjusting on the side of the road with the carburetor. I hope this help you some. You have some nice bikes and either one is going to suck to sell, Ride Safe Man!

  11. Magnetti …. go carb

  12. Carb. No sensors to deal with

  13. If it has magnetti fuel injection go carb , if it’s 04 – 05 put 58 mm with 5.9 injectors ???

  14. I’m in Michigan so no Mountains

  15. My humble opinion = TC “A” motor w/ Delphi fuel injection.

  16. I see both sides of it for old school people carburetors the way to go if you’re up-to-date with technology and understand it fuel injection is by far better for tunability Those sensors that are on there help you better tune for Optimal Performance

  17. Carb. Looking for a Softail B motor…

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