ECU Reflash For 1299 Panigale Recommendation


Can anyone recommend a Good ECU Reflash for my 1299 Panigale and where they are located. Thank you.

Jack Graves 5 years 3 Answers 719 views 0

Answers ( 3 )

  1. Check who does Woolich or Tuneboy in your area.

  2. Check this mate;

  3. I did Tuneboy, and have done it on several bikes. Highly recommended, easy DIY flash and you can take it to any tuner with a dyno after flashing. Oh, and you can choose if you want the cruise control or not, and save about half the price on the key if you don’t want it. Just bring the computer you used to perform the flash (key is saved in register), and use that to do the maps.

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