EBR 1190RX vs Triumph Daytona 675R


Trying to decide on which bike to get next. I totaled my R6S. Highsided it on a bad road. I walked away with no injuries. But for my next one. I’m down to these two. Need some advice and opinions. EBR 1190RX or Triumph Daytona 675R.


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  1. No replacement for displacement:) 1190 bro

  2. I’d honestly try to come to any track event you were at if you got the EBR just to hear it wound up. Sure, parts are going to be a bastard to track down when needed…. But, man. We have one guy that brings his 1190RX to our ZARS trackdays, and even with the stock exhaust that thing sounds the tits at WOT when he gets on it. Ducati twin-like sound, yet different.

    • That Rotax motor is a SOLID design. Very similar to the Aprilia Mille and RSVR line. Buell enthusiast will keep parts around for years.

      • Good to hear. Saw one guy a little further down that seems to be stock piling parts for fellow EBR owners. I think if the OP goes with the 1190RX, he’ll be in good hands. Not to take anything away from the 675/R….but you and I have the same philosophy when it comes to ‘bikes that speak to your soul’….so EBR wins that for me between the two, hands down.

  3. can’t handle a 600….try a 250

  4. Daytona my first was a 05 955i and it was a beast. The 675r is bad add

  5. EBR hands down.

  6. Good luck with that ebr… Finding parts and shit..

  7. Where do you plan on getting parts for that EBR?

  8. Triumph will grenade. 1190 will get near 200 hp.

  9. That 675 is a beast my brother has one and I’ve watched it drag 750s and keep up with 1ks

  10. Wouldn’t recommend the ebr sadly. I’ll never buy a bike ever again when they’re not in business anymore

  11. You fucking high? daytona all dat

  12. Triumph has more parts backing, and R&D, plus the r model has the QS and ohlins, and carbon goodies. I havnt looked back from a liter bike since I got the Daytona.

  13. EBR is faster, parts are still being made and they have plenty in stock.

  14. EBR sucks hard to get service and parts for it . Triumph sucks as well, Electrical issues , charging mainly . Handles great though and power is awesome, but like i said before electrical iissues

  15. Charging issue is mainly on pre-2013 triumphs.

  16. Ebr is no longer in business go Daytona

  17. As someone who has ridden both and sold both, I would never buy an EBR. If you are looking for a Daytona get a R that is a 2013 or later. The motor was beefed up to bullet proof status and all of the charging issues that Richard Carmona talks about were fixed. It is my bike of choice and I have Panigales (959, 1299) to choose from.

    • Explanation?

      • DUFF, I work at a shop and we sell Ducati and Triumph. We were one of the first EBR dealers back in 2014. I have played with all of them on the street and track. The Daytona R was my bike of choice and the one I always took to the track if I could, but the new Street Triple RS is the best bike I’ve ever ridden. Here I am at Homestead raceway in Miami back in February before the new STRS was released for sale.

  18. That ebr looks like a Buel frame

  19. EBR, no doubt. I love mine. And when you need to find parts, I’m your guy, as I will either have it or help you find it, as this is what I do for a living. There are nearly as many of each part left over as there were bikes produced. So even when EBR eventually stops selling them, someone else will have them sitting on a shelf, waiting for a buyer.

    • You really want someone to potentially total an ebr like they did an r6? LOL Rather see the Daytona go down,

      • It’s true that a blind recommendation is a bad idea, without knowing the person making the decision. But since I doubt his mind will be made up by what I have to say, I figure I might as well put in my 2 cents for others to read to have a better understanding and appreciation for the brand.

  20. Daytona, EBR be nice for the Americaness but down the road, they’re shacking at times and you may never be able to find parts for it eventually

  21. How is this your final 2?!?!? They’re two completely different bikes!!! Lol

  22. How is this your final 2?!?!? They’re two completely different bikes!!! Lol

  23. 675 you don’t need a liter by the sounds of it

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