Ducati 1299 Panigale Tank Grips Suggestions


What tank grips are you guys using? I picked up some TechSpec snake skin and they aren’t sticking to my tank for shit! Even tried heating up the glue with a heat gun first and everything. I just threw them away because I’m sick of dealing with them. The only pieces that stuck are the middle fairing pieces. Most of the edges around the tank pieces kept coming up.

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  1. Too much heat, anything I’ve tried comes off too.

  2. Contact tech spec and they will send you a replacement piece. Make sure to clean it with alcohol thoroughly. Even just a little wax will make it eventually fail. I’ve had mine on for almost 2 years now without issue.

  3. Ive got stompgrip on my 1299 no issues .. ive used them for all my road and track bikes

  4. I received a bad set also did the same thing.. I got a new set sent out no issues now..

  5. eazi-grip.com/?s=panigale+1299&post_type=product

  6. Tech spec customer service is fantastic. I had the same issue. Send me an entire new set no questions asked. I’ve had the same set on my bike for over 2 years now. Can’t go wrong with stomp grip either.

  7. Techspec sent me a new set free

  8. R&G do a similar product to Snakeskin.\nI put snakeskin on the 899 and the R&G on the 1299…\nboth have been good but probably would suggest the R&G over snakeskin…not that I have had an issue with snakeskin

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