Dual cartridge fork upgrade on 2017 X Trainer


Doing the dual cartridge fork upgrade on my 2017 XTrainer and have one more question ! I am almost done. Please refer to the picture. Usually fork oil quantity is via cc's. I am thinking they are saying pour fork oil in to 105mm from the top with the spring in. Anyone else think different?

Dual cartridge fork upgrade on 2017 X Trainer

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  1. Yes they’re giving you the height from the top which is more accurate if it’s maybe not been a full rebuild and there could be some oil left in there.

  2. ^^ Exactly what Derek said. Measuring air gap is the most accurate way. Do they tell you to pump it a few times first to make sure there are no bubbles trapped in the system?

  3. Do you have a link to the English instructions? I think I saw Italian ones but not English.

  4. thanks for all the help everyone ! I have now completed the dual cartridge upgrade ! Unfortunately, like I mentioned before, I am recovering from ACL surgery so it will be some time before I can test it. 🙁 . (big sigh)

  5. Here are the instructions if anyone else needs them…Bear in mind that they have the forks reversed from what I am used to. I always thought it was as if you are sitting on the bike. The left side is actually the right fork in the instructions

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