DT Swiss 240 or Zipp NSW hubs?


Serious question wich hubs are better dt swiss 240 or Zipp NSW hubs?!? As far as efficiency

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Answers ( No )

  1. They are both great hubs, I don't think there's one that is measurably better than the other.

  2. I didn't know witches used hubs, I thought they flew on brooms.

  3. which switch is the stick upon witch?

  4. Ya see I have 240 DT SWISS 55aero wheels and am concidering the Zipp 303 nsw and find my self being blown around in windy crosswinds

  5. I adore my ZIPP 303s. They are just right for regular roading. Tough and only a little prone to windswipes. I think they actually covert headwinds and make them easier. It's the shape of the wheel that does that.

  6. It's not the hubs making you get blown around it's the fact that you run aero wheels , the hubs you mentioned are pretty comparable to each other if anything build a second set of wheels you can swap back and forth

  7. @ Pete I know it's the rim it self

  8. Btw, I am sure you know ZIPP had a hub recall. Just something to bear in mind if you buy them used. Mine were rebuilt.

  9. WHICH hubs? Take your pick

  10. Have dt 240 allready on build

  11. nsw..axial clutch on the cognition hub is amazing and buys you free speed when coating/descending. I'm 160 and don't have to sprint to keep up on the downhills w/some 210lb riders. 6300 miles on my 303's in 2017 and they're bomb proof. serviced hubs once and they were cherry. only a but of cognition oil on the clutch plate needed. I have no issues with dt's just my personal pref.

  12. Both great but I've only used zipp so far so I don't know about dt Swiss

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