Doing some research on the TNT before i decide to buy


hi all doing some research on the TNT before i decide to buy is there anything to look for and have any mechanical issues appeared with the motor

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  1. To answer your question, there has been only two as far as I know. The Belgian guy and me. He had a cracked bore (wrong piece, after just few hundereds of km) and I had some wierd noise like air leak. The Belgian guy got a new bore and I´m still waiting for mine to get resolved. My bike has lot more mileage though, well over 5000km. There has also been two or three guys complaining about the bike moody on idle, or stalls.. The problem is in the fuel tank pressure vent or what, others could explain..

  2. Removing the cat makes no difference I power output at all as all cats are now free flowing it just makes them noisy

  3. I have owned mine since July 2nd, done 1000miles now. The bike has no issues and rides well. I achieve 130mpg riding mixture of in traffic and A roads.

    There is however room for improvement. Such as swapping the spark plugs and caps for NGK. Change the tyres.

    There are many other changes which are for taste and cosmetics. Such as exhaust system, tail tidy, bars, mirrors, levers.

    There is not a lot available yet but bits are slowly coming now. Until now we have mostly been adapting parts and making own parts.

    There has been a dealer level safety check on the swingarm bolt. Just a retorque and threadlock after one member had it come lose and he was lucky to not get hurt or do damage to bike. Resolved issue now.

  4. Mine seems fine no issues just change plugs n caps etc

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