Does my trailer need to be registered?


I just bought a new trailer to replace my HF Tag-Along. I live in Kentucky where registration is not required. I hear that many states don’t. So, my question is, do many of you get pulled over pulling a trailer through states that do require these trailer to be registered? I registered my HF trailer but it was a pain. I had to get the bill of sale and certificate of origin notarized which means the manager of the store where I bought it had to come with me to get it done. There is no bill of sale with this trailer and there is no nomenclature plate or vin stamped on the frame anywhere. I’m not too hip on jumping through all those hoops to get tags for this one. I know that states have reciprocity on this matter but I was wondering if they like pulling you over just to check you out. I’d hate to get caught running liquor or guns.

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  1. Following. I’ve just purchased an HF Tagalongs in Charlotte, NC and haven’t assembled it yet.

  2. My understanding as an ohioan is that the state of ky doesn’t require registration. However when you leave ky with the trailer it is required by ohio to be registered. Ky gives you the option of registration if you think you will travel to a place requiring it.

  3. Just let them know that it’s home built. I’ve pulled mine though several states and never had any problems.

  4. On one of my little trailers..I registered it as a homebuilt unit..didn’t have to jump thru as many hoops that way…check it out..

  5. I know this is an old trailer but it is in very good shape. The guy I bought it from said it sat in his garage for a lot of years not being used. There are no manufacturer plates any where. I did find this sticker on the inside lid but a web search didn’t turn up anything. In spite of this sticker saying “LAF Products Inc.” it sure looks like an old shoreline to me. Can anybody shed any light on what the hell I bought? Do love it though.

  6. Sorry That should be FAL Products. Here’s a pick of the trailer.

  7. It’s a spirit gt trailer made by fal products in Takoma Washington they were only made for a short time

  8. I believe that’s it! Well except for I think I have the newer ’85 model.

  9. I run plates on my cargo and camper but they are cheap and let’s folks know where we are from.A buddy of mine has a Bushtec with a Harley plate and has towed it all over the country for years and even into Canada several times with no problems.

  10. Yeah Jerry, I think I’m going to do like your buddy unless I start getting hassled by the man.

  11. Okla. Does not require , we have pulled ours all over the country for years and have never had a problem. Used DL # as serial # for insurance purposes. It was a custom built trailer we had made.

  12. I live in alabama and supposed to have a tag on it but don’t a lot of the time and have never been stop. We all over out west with no tag and no problem

  13. i think they go by your home state, i’ve never gotten any slack here in the south for not having tag on my camper

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