Does Mode affect the top speed of the bike?


A question to ask about 14b. Does Mode affect the top speed of the bike?.

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Answers ( No )

  1. Just how quickly it gets there, you on about mode A, B and std?

  2. It slows the acceleration to top speed. That model was pretty soft up top anyways, I don’t know why you would run it in anything but the fastest mode.

  3. I lived in A mode but the amount I was filling up wasn’t worth it after a month or two so I’m normally in standard mode

  4. I believe B mode only opens 60u0025 where the other modes open the throttle blades 100u0025.

  5. Maybe David Vcyclenut Verdecchia can tell us?

  6. Is a 14b an 09-14? If so then std mode and a mode would have the same top speed. Btw Joshua Allen mode does not effect fuel consumption that was all in your wrist ­čÖé

  7. it does not, a mode opens the throttle plates 20u0025 quicker than std and b mode is 20u0025 slower than std, no change in horsepower like the gsxr

  8. So there is no difference in power, just quicker throttle opening speed.

  9. Been forever since I looked at the stock throttle maps but I’m pretty sure b mode does not go to 100u0025 throttle. A and STD mode not flashed closes the throttle on you also just not like b mode

  10. in A mode full tank ridden hard 60 mile to light !

  11. Again mode does not change the fuel map. It’s the same in all modes

  12. So if a Vespa had a mode button that would mean a slower Vespa? Or was that B mode?

  13. Thanks guys. Cause I went max wrist on my 14b.. it reach 275.. and never go up..

  14. A mode and STD mode have the same power restricted to 84.7u0025 max throttle. Only the throttle map, and rate are different. B mode is the most restricted mode

  15. I see. So if wanna test kmh to 299. Mean must be flashed?.

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