Does it kill engine/fuel pump etc?


Got another stupid question guys, on the right hand controls (starter button/on-off switch/mode switch) if the on-off switch is switched off while engine is running does it kill engine/fuel pump etc? Or does it just stop starter? I ask because I need to butcher the housing to get the start button etc onto the dash of the car and if the on-off serves as a kill switch i may be able to utilise that instead of tapping in elsewhere. Many thanks

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  1. Cuts the spark and kills the engine

  2. The switch will kill the engine…

  3. Sweet! Thanks guys.

  4. Who is coming over to help us wire it up LOL

  5. Piece of cake…

  6. Yeah if I did it again I’d go with a cut harness but I was pretty keen to keep the dash so if any faults happen it will (hopefully) be easier to track through the codes. I labelled everything just soo much wiring compared to the 5jj I had in it.

  7. If you had it cut down by someone that make them for are cars most of them do it so u can run the dash

  8. We have nobody here in Australia that is good enough with that stuff Jason. I was thinking of hitting up one of the U.S modlite guys but from what I understood nobody really runs the cross plane r1 in modlites over there anyway?

  9. Ya not to many guys run them gsxr and zx is the main motor I have r1s in my cars and my new car is going to have a gsxr the r1 just don’t have the bottom end of the corner that you need

  10. Some of the sprint car guys run the new r1 motors

  11. I am going with this mainly cause I’m a Yamaha man, and I have been running r1s since I started in modlites, I actually think here, with our tracks how they are, this crossplane thing will do the business over the 08 gsxr’s (we only have a few zx10s and they seem unreliable, the zx12s go hard but running at 1375lbs they can’t outdo the Suzuki’s.

  12. Kill switch takes +12v off the ignition coils, and one of the relays in the starter circuit cut off relay box.

  13. Cool, one more Q while I’m here, what is the red key for?

  14. Red key, I think its for syncing up other black keys to the ecu?? We dont have them in the usa, somebody else will have to chime on that one (y)

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