Does it blue slip easy?


Question for peeps in Australia.

So I added functioning indicators, tail light, headlight and everything else is mechanically sound so far.

Does it blue slip easy?

Does it blue slip easy?

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Answers ( No )

  1. As long as there is no heavy rust in the welds… tyres and brakes are good, does it have a front mudguard sorry it’s hard to see in the pic… if not you’ll need one… I’m in Melbourne though so not sure what it’s like in Sydney… also the chainguard is needed

  2. Also make sure the pipes meet the standard (noise wise) for the period of the bikes birth

  3. It’ll need a front guard.

  4. Josh Kass and Brian Dunning No rust and these other things you mention sound easy to do.

  5. Josh Kass oooh its definetely not the right standard for the era. Can I get away with a silencer insert?

  6. So process. I find a mechanic that does blue-slips and is sympathetic to motorcycle enthusiasts? ­čÖé (After all the necessary fixes)

  7. The new pipes are fine… as long as they aren’t louder than the audible standard for the period… not sure what that is for Sydney for whatever year the bike is..

  8. If not yep baffles… should be easy enough to find some for those

  9. I’m on the central coast. Don’t sweat it. Mine’s loud as and got passed no problem. I’m told I’m heard 3 minutes before I get home. Lights, indicators, brakes, horn. I never had a chain guard.

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