Does anyone use the Fram PH6607 oil filter?


Does anyone use the Fram PH6607 oil filter? (For Goldwing) It’s over 200 km’s round trip to the dealer, but the Fram is of course available at the local auto parts store.

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  1. Yes I do…no problems.

  2. or factory one from wing stuff

  3. I was told the last thing Fram does when they make their filters is thread them. Whenever you thread something, it leaves metal shavings.

  4. I use the Pur-O-Lator 6607 No problems. And believe it or not the same filter fits my wife’s 2013 Nissan Rogue

  5. Walmart ST6607…been using them for years with almost 200K on the bike now.

  6. I buy the Fram by the case. They fit my gl1800, my daughter’s CBR600RR and my brother’s ST1300.

  7. I use the Fram 6017A on my 1800. Been doing so for 15 years, no prob.

  8. I use stp 6607. Works same.

  9. I was looking at oil filters on line several years ago. Apparently some guy was very bored, he went out and bought every different brand of filter he could find that fit where a Fram PH-8A filter fit. He had about 14 filters. He dissected every one of them measuring the amount of filter medium, thickness of the case, etc. His conclusion was that nearly every filter was made by Fram. The major standouts that I remember were the premium filters such as Wix & K-N.

  10. If you have a NAPA they have a good filter believe made by Wix. If no order on line . Cut open a frame you will never use one again.

  11. I been using the NAPA filters since 2001. 350,000 miles trouble free. I ride hard. My money goes to NAPA.

  12. Never had a problem with Fram I use Fram on all my bikes and cars.

  13. Amazon drops off k&n to my front porch

  14. K&N # 204 is my choice…

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