Does anyone use motorcycle jeans?


Gear question: Does anyone use motorcycle jeans? I’m referring to the kind threaded with Kevlar. Comfortable? Also curious as to how it “wears” not just when sitting on the bike, but also walking around.

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  1. I wear a pair of Icon Anthem Jeans.Love them!They have been discontinued and you can't get them anymore.I would like a good replacement for them.I will follow this and see what comes up.

  2. I use Bilt brand jeans and they are pretty comfortable off the bike. Cycle Gear sells them.

  3. My husband does. He got them through Cycle Gear. He loves them. Super comfy

  4. I have dragging jeans and Diamond gusset. U.S.A.
    Lasting pretty good both of them. Comfortable except in the humid summer but what is?

  5. Yes my Mrs vomiting to work and as a cleaner at docks hard wearing she has Hood Jeans I'm getting a pair of Hood Cargo Trousers

  6. Comfy, I got some from Aldi, happy with them, they have knee inserts as well.

  7. Comfortable in the cool weather. Too hot for summer riding.

  8. I just bought some but have yet to wear them, lol. They were expensive though.

  9. I have a pair that i purchased 5 years ago from cycle gear. I like them in the winter very comfortable but in the summer hot. No real issues walking around in them.

  10. I have several pairs from Cycle Gear store. They are all comfortable and wear well. Buy larger than normal. I use knee pads in them all and hip pads in some. I never ride without them. I spend all day walking around at Bike Week in Daytona.

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